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No other Database accounting software matches the flexibility and sophistication of $MAN - the Dollar Manager. It provides comprehensive and flexible financial management capabilities which address all of the standard accounting requirements of the business world. 

This is accomplished through an extensive range of built-in data entry, data processing, and reporting functions. 

In fact, $MAN is a complete, integrated accounting system which contains a full range of ready-made applications that cover G/L, A/R, A/P, finished and raw goods inventory control, estimating, order entry, invoicing, sales analysis, payroll, job costing, mortgage amortization, fixed asset accounting, and many other standard operations. 

However, our $MAN software goes beyond the limits of any other accounting package because it is also a powerful, user-definable database environment. 

This makes it eminently suitable for accounting applications which require customized data processing or reporting in addition to the ordinary functions normally addressed by an accounting system. 

In fact, $MAN is one of the most advanced report generating programs on the market, and can easily produce a wide variety of custom printouts. 

$Man offers the flexibility of design that you would expect from a full-function database system, with the advantage of a range of 'built-in' standard business and accounting functions. 

Audit trail maintenance, period closings, financial statements, aged listings, customer statements, budget reports and many other financial management capabilities are also included in the $Man package. 

$Man Built-in Functions 

General Ledger 

Journal entries, bank transactions, Postings, Financial Statements, Audit Trail reports, Bank reconciliation, Mortgage amortizations, Monthly and annual budget reporting, GL Account activity reporting, Cashflow projection, Fixed asset reporting. 

Accounts Receivable 

Client Invoices for goods or services, customer receipts, Account statements, Sales summary reporting, Customer phone and address lists, Aged trial balance (summary or detail), Form letters and envelopes, Shipping labels. 

Accounts Payable 

Purchase orders, Vendor invoices (with or without Job costing), Vendor statements, Cheque printing, Purchase and Tax reporting, Holdback reports. 

Inventory Control 

Stock receiving, purchase history, costing, on hand & turnover reports, location transfers, price lists, reorder/minimum reports, fixed asset management, book value reports, service contracts/repair history, internal supplies management, usage reports. 

Job Cost 

Automatic reporting of revenue, purchases, materials usage and employee timesheets. Costs by job and date range. 

Sales Analysis 

Invoice items for sales history, Year-to-date sale summary by customer and item. Sales analysis and detailed reports by: item, customer, salesman and sales department. Print graphs of weekly sales, sales by department, and sales history. Print stock item turnover reports. 

See additional applications included in the $Man for Windows Toolkit

Our software is available for use with Windows 9x, Windows NT, MS/DOS, and is suitable for use with all major LAN network software such as Novell Netware and Windows NT. 

User-Defined Database Applications 

Create your own Information Management Systems. Display and print database records, Print form letters, labels etc., Select record groups by multi-field query. 

$MAN uses a unique parameter-driven type of design to produce custom accounting results. 

$Man's powerful database tools allow you to utilize custom menus, entry screens, data files and reports to manage any kind of information. 

$Man templates manipulate virtually any type of data in very sophisticated ways. They can read from or write to any number of files, (or the screen or printer), and can perform any type of mathematical function or table lookup that may be required. 

$MAN's extensive Query and Report Writing capabilities allow for a wide variety of sophisticated and detailed reports. 

$MAN's ability to extract data in an extremely flexible fashion makes it particularly suitable for creating custom business applications. 


$Man allows for simultaneous display in more than one language and is currently offered in English, French, and Spanish versions. 

Combine this with $Man's automatic currency conversion by means of exchange rate tables, and you have the ideal software application for international trade. 

$MAN has proved to be a highly suitable product for use in multi-lingual environments because of its unique design. All of the menus, questions, help screens and error messages in the program are stored in a master database file called MASTER.MSG. 

By switching to a different copy of the MASTER.MSG file before running $MAN, you can select any language for which a suitable translation file has been prepared. 

This allows you to operate, using the same program files and data files, in the language of your choice simply by selecting a single file. 

Any character set which is supported by the video card of the computer can be used without any re-compiling of the $MAN program. 

As well, any word processing file can be used as a custom template to control the screen or printer formatting for menu display, data entry or enquiry operations. 


Over 1,500 clients use our program for applications as widely varied as project budget and activity reporting, property management, order entry and stock control. 

Clients include the ESSO TECH Department of Imperial Oil, Bank of Montreal, Bank of America Canada, Air International Travel, Laird SpecialFX, BakeCrafters Bakery, Ranger Express Freight Forwarding, Energy Probe, Temple Emanu-El, Worker's Compensation Board, Record Peddler, Maitland-Carter Real Estate, Lorenzo Fine Jewelry, Sooters, Metro Toronto Police, Trade Data Reports in New York, and Janmore International Trade in Dallas. 

 $Man FAQ 

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