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  a division of First Byte Software Inc.


Company Profile

First Byte Software, makers of the Worldview Web Database and the Dollarman Accounting and Database system, has provided innovative and powerful software solutions to its clients since 1981. For over 1500 clients in Canada, the USA, Central America and Europe, we have supplied services and products for database & Internet programming, website design & hosting, and creating custom business applications.

Since it was founded in 1981, First Byte has provided creative business solutions to companies in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Alabama, and Colorado, as well as in Mexico, El Salvador, Cairo and Nairobi.

Our software is available for use all 32 bit versions of Windows and OS/2, and suitable for use with all major LAN network software such as Windows/2003 and Novell Netware.

Our services also extend to computer consultation, software installation and training, and custom programming. We also provide web site design and hosting, and custom programming in Active X for web-enabled programming.

First Byte has been represented at numerous computer shows including Comdex Toronto, as well as in the PC WORLD and JCC expositions in Dallas, Texas, the Rochester NY computer show and at five COMDEX shows in Las Vegas and Toronto.

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